After ten years of research, design, and democratic process, SUN Studio is excited to announce that the SILO sustainable neighborhood in Lafayette, Colorado received unanimous approval from the Lafayette Planning Commission on November 29th, 2016.  Groundbreaking is scheduled for summer 2017.

As Commissioner Doug Godfrey said: “…this is a new way of looking at design.”  “It’s what more communities should be doing and should be aspiring to.”

SILO is model sustainable neighborhood that incorporates passive solar, high-performance, net-zero energy homes; green infrastructure; urban agriculture; aging in place; and a diversity of home sizes into a compact, walkable, urban mixed-use neighborhood.  Located near the cross roads of highways 287 and 7 in Lafayette, Colorado, the buildings at SILO are clustered close to regional public transit leaving almost half the acreage as parks and rural conservation.

The SILO Sustainable Neighborhood

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