Michael Tavel’s essay, “The Culture of Green Neighborhoods,” argues that sustainable design should emphasize beautiful experiences that can underlie sustainable lifestyles. Sustainability, he writes, is not embodied in a technology, a policy or a thing. It is; rather, a cultural practice, and a creative opportunity. And we should treat it so.

The essay is now available in the new book titled In Pursuit of a Living Architecture: Continuing Christopher Alexander’s Quest for a Humane and Sustainable Building Culture, edited by Kyriakos Pontikis and Yodan Rofe.

Christopher Alexander is a renowned architect, and the author of many famous books on architecture and urbanism including “A Pattern Language,” “The Timeless Way of Building,” “A New Theory of Urban Design,” and “The Nature of Order.” Michael studied with and worked for Christopher Alexander in the late 1980s.

The book is available for purchase here: http://theuniversitypressbooks.cgpublisher.com/product/pub.226/prod.4

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